Project Assurance and Systems Integration

We specialize in designing solutions customized to integrate in your business. Investing in the standard, off-the-shelf packages that are available can only prove to be expensive and might not fulfill all your business needs. This may result in additional expense of outsourcing experts, to tailor the solution as required. With our combination of technology we can help you create an efficient and profitable structure to suit your company or organization.

Maintenance and Servicing

We value our customers and we strongly believe in building a win-win relationships with the customers by providing them with dedicated after sales services. Organizations simply cannot afford to have technical hurdles especially during their peak periods. Whether it is caused by your hardware or data capture system, this downtime can affect the whole organization. It can impact the organization's ability to complete orders, create a backlog in production; workforce is unable to continue with their tasks, thus creating excess work load. The concern and priority then, is not just to bring back the systems online but also to make sure that there is no re-occurrence of such incident. With different levels of maintenance available, you get a support solution tailored to your needs and enable you to avoid costly time & material repairs.