ApexECR solution has been developed, as an alternative for direct RS232 integration, to minimize the effort required integrating any ECR system with any EFTPOS terminal; eliminate the constraints, reduce the cost and complexity for ECR-POS integration, offering a complete solution that reduces manual errors and fraud, while improving seamlessness across payment technology at the ECR.

With ApexECR, the payment details from your ECR are automatically shared with the EFTPOS terminal. This means there’s no need to double swipe or rekey the amount, reducing errors and dramatically speeding up the checkout process. The terminal then authorizes the payment as usual and communicates the result back to your ECR system.

All sensitive transactional data (PAN, Expiry Date…) is kept away from the ECR and backend gateway, reducing the scope for your Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS) compliance, and keeping the cardholder sensitive data secured.

Many transactions involving small (or micro) merchants, often outside a physical retail store, still take place using cash rather than credit or debit cards. For acquirers, this is a very large market to address with card-based acceptance solutions.

For many years, traditional Point-of-Sale (POS) terminals have been rejected by micro merchants on the basis of their high cost, long term contractual commitments and restrictive user interfaces. Today there is a clear move in the payments industry to adopt Mobile Point-of-Sale (mPOS) technology to either replace or complement traditional POS terminals.

Merchants that have never accepted card payments and previously operated on a cash basis are turning to mPOS to increase their sales and expand their customer base. Existing large retailers are also adopting mPOS solutions and integrating them into their current Electronic Cash Register (ECR) environment to enhance the retail and payment experience.

Apex mPOS Payment Gateway solution provides your merchants with the industry’s most complete Mobile Payment Solution for Apple (iOS) and Android devices. Integration with any ECR environments Windows and Linux, allowing your merchants to:

  • Increase sales by accepting card payments anytime and anywhere their business takes them.
  • Reduce transaction risks and data entry errors.
  • Avoid costly wireless terminals.
  • Improve cash flow by getting paid more quickly.

ApexDCC solution offers a real time foreign currency conversion at the time of purchase in the cardholder’s home currency, to improve the customer’s experience by adding convenience, clarity and transparency. This simplifies purchasing decisions by giving the cardholder convenience of knowing exactly what the transaction will cost them in a familiar currency at the time of purchase; where the exchange rate is generally less than that offered through their credit card issuers.

ApexDCC solution provides a compelling opportunity for our clients to generate additional revenue with limited risk and speed to market, by offering and processing DCC transactions that leverages existing infrastructure and delivers a value added service and convenience that differentiates your business in the market.

Working with large number of deployed EFTPOS terminals and different POS providers make it very hard and expensive to support, maintain, and interact with remote POS terminals, besides fallible, time consuming human intervention.

ApexRPM designed as a comprehensive and robust solution to deliver complete remote POS terminal management, across any geography, anywhere in the world. It has been designed to ensure that any POS terminal in the field can be reached and managed remotely from a central point; to eliminate the constraints, remove the cost and complexity of local administration and maintenance.

Complete visibility of the POS fleet is achieved through a uniquely customizable customer portal, enabling estate managers to have a real time and accurate dashboard overview of the terminal estate.

Apex Voucher Management System, ApexVMS, enables acquirer and banks to effectively handle the distribution of the prepaid recharge vouchers through their EFTPOS terminals.

This robust and highly flexible platform can support multiple of simultaneous voucher transactions and can also operate as a Common Voucher System for multiple prepaid services such as prepaid credit cards, mobile, calling cards, Internet or TV with multiple values and denominations.

  • Multi-eVoucher Solution: for all type of Vouchers, Coupon, Prepaid & Gift cards.
  • Customizable & Expandable: provide a dynamic way to customize different vouchers.
  • Fast Response to Market Dynamics: offers flexibility to quickly configure and launch new vouchers.
  • Online & Offline Vouchers: Supports Online Integration & Offline Stock modes.
  • Cash & Card Payment: Accept different payment types.
  • Interactive Dashboard: Reporting on Vouchers activity in real-time.