Apex Aisino A90

High Definition

  • The Design uses Android 5.X smart system
  • Multi-layer security safeguard
  • Intelligent interactive experiences
  • Value-added services increase operating income


  • Support Magnetic Strip Card, IC card, Contactless/NFC etc.
  • Focus on full touch screen
  • Efficient battery allows for greater power management
  • Front and back camera
Apex Products POS Aisino A70


  • Open-source and customized Android 7.X OS
  • High-level configuration and superior performance
  • Abundant functions for wide application environments
  • Reliable safety protection


  • Passes all the authoritative certifications in the EFT-POS industry
  • Supports electronic signature capture
  • Large volume Li-battery for long cruising ability
  • Abundant functions for wide application environments
Apex Products POS Aisino V71


  • Configured with ARM 11 CPU
  • PCI4.x approved, certified by EMV L1&L2
  • Supporting GPRS, WIFI and cable connectivity
  • Patented software, hardware and security mechanism


  • High capacity battery with energy efficiency design
  • Built-in supper high-capacity memory
  • Supporting multi-tasking and personalized applications
  • Optional Apple Pay, 2D barcode scanning and the internet-based payment
Apex Products POS Aisino V80SE


  • Equipped with high speed ARM 11 security CPU, large memory
  • Customized Linux OS making multi-threading, multi-tasking and multi-application truly realized
  • Classified software architecture and modular application development

High Security

  • PCI, EMV L1&L2 approved
  • Offering reliable security protections
  • Providing Master, Session and DUKPT key management
  • Rational keyboard layout making payment peration easier